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Slimline systeemwand Slimline systeemwanden; strak, stijlvol en geluidsisolerend, Verwol complete interieur realisatie, Verwol ontwikkelt, fabriceert en installeert al meer dan 30 jaar kwalitatief hoogwaardige systeemwanden en deuren. Deze ervaring heeft recent geresulteerd in de Slimline serie; enkelglas wanden, dubbelglas wanden én dichte ... 0 Repin Likes
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Give your IQ free rein at QbiQ

A ‘partition wall system’ has the ring of a standard, off‑the‑shelf solution from the last century. ‘Standard’ is probably the last thing you want for your creative and tech staff’s workspaces. You’re more likely to be looking for rooms that are pleasant to work in and office spaces that reflect exactly what your organization stands for. At QbiQ, we understand this implicitly… we start by putting ourselves in your shoes, and helping you explore the possibilities and come up with the right solution. We’ll be at your side with the expertise and experience to create the spatial experience you’ve envisaged – smart spaces for discerning clients.


The most aesthetic solutions conceivable

QbiQ’s glass wall and partition wall solutions are unique in terms of their beauty, transparency and flexibility. You can use them anywhere, and partition and connect spaces as easily as with traditional partition wall systems. Our systems also comply with the most stringent sound transmission standards. At QbiQ, we cut, grind and transport all our glass ourselves, allowing for incredibly fast and flexible delivery times.


“We don’t have standard brochures. What makes our concepts so unusual is that you can combine all our systems. Creativity to the max… and then we make it happen!”

Nico Cremers
Sales Engineer
Kim Zandbergen

‘At QbiQ, we’ve got the right balance of younger and older, more experienced staff. This creates a perfect synergy. It’s rare, if ever, that results don’t match the agreed specifications exactly.’

Kim Zandbergen

“No two days are the same at QbiQ. I’m responsible for ensuring that assembly runs as smoothly as possible and that fantastic concepts work in practice.”

Rogier Jansen
Designer/Planning Engineer

“We’re essentially a project‑driven company. This means our clients take centre stage and we’re not done until the project’s finished. Small‑ or large‑scale projects, it doesn’t matter. Our flexibility means we’re miles ahead of the competition…”

Wim Verburg
Manager Production and Logistics

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